a long book is a great evil (tigerlily05) wrote in cornell09,
a long book is a great evil


A few friends and I are looking to transfer a lease for 200 Highland Avenue. We signed the lease fall semester but with a few of the girls pledging houses with mandatory live in policies we have some problems. It is a 9-10 person house. (Also a possibility is that there will only need to be three spots filled, as some of the girls might stay. Rest assured, all these girls are really nice and not raucously loud or anything like that.)
It has a really nice, newly remodeled kitchen with 2 refridgerators, a dishwasher and an island. It has 3 and a half baths and all the rooms are really huge. Like take the biggest single you know at at least double it. It is on North only a block away from the suspension bridge. It has a nice lawn which is taken care of (as is shoveling) and it has FREE PARKING for up to ten cars. We figured it with nine people to be approximately 550/month INCLUDING utilities, cable, etc.

If interested AT ALL, please leave a comment or call me (Caitlin) at 978-846-3484. And if you aren't interested and you know of ANYBODY who might be interested, please call anyways!

Thank you!
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