rednereven (rednereven) wrote in cornell09,


0. Name: Ebonie Greene
1. Hometown: Baltimore, MD
3. Do you participate in any pharmaceutical extracurriculars? nope
4. What types of newspapers and magazines do you like to read? I used to get Rolling Stone and that was good enough. Now, no.
5. Post a picture (optional) : too lazy
6. Will you party, stay in and study, or just chill out on weekends? most likely partying or chilling
7. What are 3 adjectives that describe you? sarcastic, funny (to my friends), stupid
8. Name your hobbies/free time activities outside of school: hanging with my insane friends, playing my bass and sucking horribly, pretending to have jam(jelly) sessions with my friend, being online, ummm... not much really
9. On a scale of 1-10, how "risky" are you? I'll go with a 4
10. What is your number 1 fantasy? SEX! I'm kidding... sort of.
11. What was the last concert/movie you went to: last sunday. my friends were playing a concert.
12. If you could switch lives with anyone, who? Buddah
13. What's your favorite monopoly piece: the thimble
14. Write 20 words about what it would be like to be an ice cream flavor and which one you would be: I would be cookies and cream and everyone would love me. I don't know... I am not being creative today.
15. What's your favorite insect? ladybugs
16. What are the first three songs on your playlist? victim of the crime- phoenix, better than evil- shabutie, wonderful people- q and not u
17. When you were little, did you have a made-up word for something? When I was around a year and a half I made up a word for raisins and made up a song about raisins, and I even had my own made up language. Now, I have weird words like atdolladolla, hehwuzza and stupid stuff like that.
18. What's your current TV addiction? Degrassi: The Next Generation (it used to be Radio Free Roscoe)
19. What movie changed your life? Movies don't change my life. The last movie I saw was Pet Sematary and I thought it was pretty stupid.
20. One celebrity you would totally do? Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria
22. Stephen King or Anne Rice? Stephen King
23. One drug you would totally do? I rock the advil
24. Colleges you told to fuck off to go to Cornell? U. Maryland College Park, Boston U., New York U.
25. Anything else you wanna share? I really just like having fun and making stupid ass jokes. IM me on AIM if you want: xodarapi. If you can't get me there, leave a comment on my lj. By the way, I have a facebook, add me if you want.
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