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ok i still don't know you...

You know, this is going on long enough...I've shared a bed with you, I've let you ravage me for sexual pleasure...I think it's time I got to know you...ok, so the ravaging and bed part are lies, but cmon! We have been invading each other's personal thoughts DAILY, and some of us have never even met. Now that I think about it, that's actually kinda cool, but I'd really like to meet all of you. I've only spoken to Matt Tobacco, Gisselle, and...this one girl that lives in my building (Court Hall). It'd be cool if we could all come up with a date when we could just hang out together and at least see each other's faces...facebook is not enough. Please comment on this so we can come up with a good date to meet. Maybe we can catch dinner in Collegetown or something (Aladdin's has good food). Lemme know what ya think, guys (and gals - for those of you that INSIST on political correctness).
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i'm away all fall break. sorry. but tell me how meeting internet friends goes in reality, it'd certainly be interesting to hear. if you don't do it over fall break, then invite me!
uh...i meant when we all get back...i'm in jersey right now...sorry, i shoulda included that...
Yeah, we should definitely have a livejournal meet-up soon. I've walked around classes and think I recognize people, but I'm not entirely sure.
Agreed. It does feel very strange that we read about each other's personal lives, but we haven't actually met in person yet.
how 'bout the friday or saturday after break?...which is best?
i think we should have an lj meet as well.
way belated.
but it would be fun.